Operational Research Society of Kenya (ORSK) was formed in 2019 as a nonprofit professional body linking experts, practitioners and scholars in Operations Research. The impetus behind the establishment of the society was to provide a professional forum for Operational Researchers, both in academia and industry to share in their OR knowledge and application to enhance application of OR in practical decision making and problem solution in Kenya and beyond.


We envision ORSK to be a driving force in nation-building via the practice and acquisition of the knowledge of Operations Research


ORSK aims to develop and promote advancement and practice of OR to generate sustainable solutions to business, societal and government problems


  1. To popularize Operations Research among scholars and practitioners in Kenya and beyond through workshops, conferences and
  2. To promote OR Education and Research towards creating a critical mass of professionals in Kenya
  3. To enhance application of Operations Research models in problem solving and decision making through development of Operations Research laboratory
  4. To gather, compile and disseminate information/report on operations research through publications

Core Values

  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Equality
  • Impartiality

Background of ORSK

While Operations Research (OR) as a discipline has been around for long, in Africa, particularly Kenya, the discipline is relatively new among scholars and practitioners. Not many universities offer operations research as a program. Majority of universities in Kenya offer OR among specialization units majorly to students taking management science specializations. Consequently, the industry is largely unaware of OR, its applications and capabilities. Up to 2019, OR practitioners and scholars did not have a platform where they could share ideas and discuss issues OR. While there is a regional society, Operations Research Society of East Africa (ORSEA), the specific gaps within the Kenya were evident.

According to the Mr. Charles Malack Oloo (former President of Africa Federation of Operations Research Societies (AFROS) and founding member of ORSK), formation of ORSK came at the best time, when the need for OR based solutions is evident in literally every sector. Mr. Charles has made significant contribution towards ensuring ORSK is on its feet. His expo- sure has significantly helped in building a strong foundation for the society. In particular, ORSK appreciates much the support received from AFROS under guidance of Mr. Charles.

ORSK is now formalized in line with government guidelines and regulations. ORSK is an affiliate member of AFROS. Plans are at advanced stages to have ORSK partner with and affiliate to other OR organizations such as OSEA, and International Federation of Operations Research Societies (IFORS). In addition, the society is undertaking to partner with key players such as universities, research institutions and the industry. The society targets to have OR students association in all universities offering OR in Kenya.

The society currently has a membership of 20 drawn from universities and industry. The society expects to grow membership to over 100 members by end of 2022. Through establishment of OR students associations in universities, the society expects to register more students into the professional body. In a bid to register members from industry, the society plans to engage in seminars, workshops and conferences that are expected to bring together various players in OR. The first ORSK international conference is scheduled for the last quarter of 2022.

In order to enhance application of OR, ORSK intends to partner with other players globally to develop facilities that will allow application of modern OR tools. Through such applications, the society looks forward to providing optimal solutions to real life problems both in private and public sectors. The society intends to build adequate OR capacity in Kenya, and later offer professional training and certification to OR practitioners.

Through annual international conferences, ORSK, scholars and practitioners will share on innovations and development in OR. Publications from conference proceedings will go a long way in building a pool of literature for reference by OR scholars and practitioners. In addition, the society intends to publish annual newsletter which will document key developments in OR in Kenya on annual basis.

ORSK held the first annual general meeting (AGM) on 8th July, 2021. The meeting held virtually gave ORSK held members a perfect opportunity to interact and deliberate on matters OR and ORSK. Members expressed confidence that the society will go a long way offering the highly sought professional guidance in OR. During the AGM, members had opportunity elect the first substantive office. The election process was very efficient and smooth. No disputes were recorded

Operational Research Society of Kenya

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