OR Journal

Journal of Operational Research

Journal of Operational Research (JOR) (upcoming) is the official journal of Operational Research Society of Kenya and is an open access peer reviewed international journal.

Objective of JOR

JOR is established with the objective of advancing operations research and sharing knowledge in the area of Operations Research so as to enhance application of operations research tools in practical decision making and problem solving environments in Africa and beyond.

Scope of the Journal

JOR will attract and publish academic research papers, reports and other documents that provide useful insights in the area of operations research and related areas.

Key Publication Topics/Subjects

  1. Integration of Data Science in Decision Making and Problem Solving
  2. Operations Research Modeling for Decision Making and Problem Solving
  3. Optimization in Production, Manufacturing and Logistics Operations
  4. Optimization in Service Environments
  5. Computer Modeling for Decisions Making and Problem Solving
  6. Computational Intelligence and Information Management
  7. Theory and Methodological Papers on Application of Operations Research
  8. Big Data Science and Analytics